Weddings & Events

Dan specialises in private events and weddings, able to play to all manner of audiences, take requests, read the crowd, chop and change to fit the mood and choose the volume to suit the occasion.

Rock it out and get your dancing shoes on or sit back and chill out to something laid back & easy listening. It’s up to you!

The Personal Touch

A personal touch goes a long way to making an event special. Learning requests, first dances, discussing options and finding out exactly what a client wants and needs is all part of what I’m about. I’ll learn your first dance and even re-write any parts you’re not sure fit in to be more special to you.Dan Greenaway

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(professional photography shots above taken by John Colson).

Have it your way (Chilled out or Rockin’ out!)

I’ve been to enough events as a guest to know that sometimes a full on band is either too loud or one dimensional, a problem if you’re trying to keep a lot of different people happy… But you want some live music?! I aim to give everybody something they can enjoy and in doing so bring people together and create a great atmosphere.

At a lot of events and particularly weddings, people don’t want a band bursting their ear drums and drowning them out when they want to chat and mingle. Often guests have not had chance to catch up for ages or it might even be the first time they’ve met! Here’s where the chilled set will be great. Later on, when the drinks are flowing, everyone’s had chance to chat and let the food go down, you can rock out and put on your dancing shoes, no problem, we’ll crank up the P.A. speakers!Dan Greenaway

Don’t just take Dan’s word for it… look over just a small selection of the testimonials he’s received and the ever growing request book from which you and your guests can choose from on the night.