A percussive acoustic guitarist, singer and songwriter. When performing solo he throws out a much bigger sound than one might expect and has been likened to recent artists such as Newton Faulkner, Ben Howard & Ed Sheeran… No loop stations or effects pedals. 100% live music.

For the second year running Dan is a regional winner and national finalist for The Wedding Industry Awards 2015.

His CV also includes:

Glastonbury Festival, BBC Radio 1, Sky TV…toured in USA, UK, Norway, Asia. Recorded with top producer Gavin Monaghan (Editors, The Twang, Kings of Leon, Ocean Colour Scene, Robert Plant, Elvis Costello…)

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(professional photography shots above taken by Richard Shakespeare)

One man and a guitar, this guy sounds like two! Hits bar chords like a sledgehammer, weaves lyrics, finger picks & drives percussive sounds all at the same time…!

(the above video was filmed and edited by Gordon Dipple: Will You Remember Me Photography) 

Dan’s third and most experimental solo album, ‘Pigeon Holes and Boxes’, has been released in hard copy and is available at gigs. Downloadable formats are due to follow and combine with the release of the next single ‘Rose Tinted’.

The last single and video for ‘Unbreakable’ featuring the fantastic talents of female vocalist Laura Broad is available for download and work on the video for the next single ‘Rose Tinted’ is under way. Both videos involve rising talent and filmmaker Owain Ulyet who has also put together the short documentary film ‘A Portrait of a Wedding Singer’ as show above. It features unique behind the scenes footage of Dan at work guest mingling and performing.

Currently on some time out from fronting indie/rock band RASE along with new band member and rising star Alex Rainsford, their latest RASE album ‘Spirals’ is also now released and available at Dan’s solo gigs and major download sites.

However, Dan is working on an exciting duo act with Julianne Bourne, a superb violinist and session player who features on ‘Pigeon Holes and Boxes’. There will be more to come from this act in the near future…